Soul Winning and Leadership Training

Following up from the AOY conference in December 2013 which sought out youthful labourers for the Master’s vineyard, AOY-SALT was born to train and mobilize these armies of workers to be God’s helping hands. AOY-SALT is an evangelistic school that provides young people with an avenue to join mission work and test out their calling for ministry. SALT is committed to raising up those who are called to win souls in their communities and serve as a Bible worker for local churches.


The SALT program consists of three parts - classroom, practical, and then field training.

SALT’s course of study is designed to equip lay people with the knowledge, skills and tools to be effective soul winners. The classes are taught in modules so it allows young people, professionals, and any people of any age to join, so that if they want to attend a specific class, they only need to take a little bit of time off.

“Well-organized work must be done in the church, that its members may understand how to impart the light to others, and thus strengthen their own faith and increase their knowledge. As they impart that which they have received from God, they will be confirmed in the faith. A working church is a living church. We are built up as living stones, and every stone is to emit light. Every Christian is compared to a precious stone that catches the glory of God and reflects it.”

(Testimonies, vol. 6, p. 435)

Online CLasses

During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, students were given the opportunity to join several SALT classes online. These classes were recorded and are made available to anyone who is unable to take time off to join SALT in person and wants to learn from their own home.

Classes are RM50 per week. Most classes are 2 weeks long (RM100), except for Revelation class which is 4 weeks long (RM200) and Spiritual Warfare class which is only 1 week long (RM50)

The first video of each class made available for everyone to watch for free. Please click on the images below to access them. To gain access to the rest of the classes, please email salt@aoyweb.org or fill in the contact form in our page below.

  • Speaker 1

    The Sanctuary

    A study on the Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuary, and our responsibility as Christians in how we should live our life in the light of the Heavenly Sanctuary Message.

  • Speaker 2

    The Book of Revelation

    An verse-by-verse study on the book of Revelation in light of the Sanctuary Message, Daniel, and principles of interpretation pertaining to the study of prophecies.

  • Speaker 3

    Conversion & Righteousness by Faith

    A study on the message of righteousness by faith, conversion, how to live by faith, and the relationship between faith and works.

  • Speaker 4

    The Book of Daniel

    An in-depth verse-by-verse study on the whole book of Daniel and learning the principles of interpretation pertaining to the study of the prophecies.

  • Speaker 5

    How to Study the Bible

    A study on the different Bible study methods and how to properly study and search the Scriptures with observation, interpretation and application.

  • Speaker 6

    Spiritual Warfare

    An experiential course that promotes healing and breaking past burdens. Students will also learn about how to recognize and rebuke negative thoughts, claim Bible promises, and put on the armour of God.

2023 Program


For more detailed information about our program, please take time to read through our Student Handbook.

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